Spine Dale Public School

Spine Dale Public School

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Nestled among the blue mountains, amidst the tall scented pine trees, stands bold and prominent, with a firm foot ahead is Pine Dale Public School, Kakaling, Bomdila. It was established on 5th April 1999. It was recognized by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in the month of March 2002 vide letter No. EDA 2-01/2001/77 and affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi vide letter No. CBSE/Aff /2230050 ( SL00042-910) 2009/167587 dated 16 January 2009.

CBSE Address:
Central Board of Secondary Education ( Head- Office)
Shiksha Kendra, 2 Community Center,
Preet Vihar, New Delhi- 110092.


Rules & Regulations


School Infrastructure

The main school building is an imposing piece of architecture. The covered area 0.1678 acres (679.11 square meters) and the building has been designed with a view to providing the most up-to-date facilities. Pine Dale Public School has a huge ground with three buildings and is the only school in Bomdila .

The school was inaugurated on 5th April, 1999 by Mr Japu Deru, Minister of State, Arunachal Pradesh.

The very best of facilities have been provided to the teachers and students of Pine Dale Public School regardless of cost .Latest teaching aids such as electronic smart board from Educomp and projectors are regularly used for the teaching-learning process at the school. The school has been updated with the latest teaching methodologies & evaluation tools to empower teaching and learning. It is to equip the school and the children to lead a digital revolution, an initiative to bring abstract and difficult curriculum concepts of life, which makes learning an enjoyable experience in students. This facility will enable its students with sensory learning in the classrooms, leading to an improved academic performance of the student and improves the teacherís effectiveness and productivity. A trained program co-ordinator is present to assist the operation of the system and provide technical help to the teachers to work with the program in their respective classes. Teachers use the resources such as animation, video clips and models as part of a teaching aid in the classrooms to teach specific topics from the respective curriculum enabling a multi-sensory learning experience for the students of every class.

Additionally, the half of second floor of the school has been used for the science laboratories and the library. The library is equipped with short story books, biographies, encyclopedia, dictionaries, books on craft & hobbies, wild life, journals, magazines, world atlas and education digest etc.There are separate rooms for teaching classical music and western music. The senior classrooms, dance studio and the art room of the school have been recently renovated. Inside the

main school building too there is space for indoor sport activities and spacious to accommodate the entire school students for indoor assembly during the monsoon season. Apart from this there is also a permanent stage where co-curricular activities take place( For eg Ė Debates, Extempo speeches, Cultural activities and Annual day Programmes as well as other academic activities are held)

Pine Dale Public School continuously strives to upgrade the technology. The infrastructure of Pine Dale Public School is thus a valuable asset directed towards building a student community par excellence.

Transportation Facility

Pine Dale Public School has two school buses with the seating capacity of 24, in a single bus. The parentís can avail for this facility for their child during the time of the childís admission. There are certain timings followed for the pick and drop of the child. No child to be left at their doorstep alone. The driver is accompanied with a conductor for further assistance.