Spine Dale Public School

Spine Dale Public School

School Rules

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1) The school runs from 9:00am TO 1:30pm from Monday to Saturday( Nursery)

2) The school runs from 9:00am TO 1:30pm from Monday to Friday ( LKG & UKG)

3) The school runs from 9:00am TO 3:00pm from Monday to Friday ( Class I to X)


4 ) The school runs from 9:00am TO 1:00pm on Saturday ( For all)

5) Teachers and students should report to school atleast 15(fifteen) minutes before assembly.

6) If a student remains absent during normal days without any written application, a fine of Rs 50/- will be charged per day and a fine of Rs 100/- will be charged during the examination period including the weekly Saturday test days.

7) The school remains closed on Second Saturday ,National and Local holidays.

8) Any student who reaches the school, after the re-opening of the school will be fined Rs 200/- per head. It is compulsory for all students to be present in the school on the first day after any vacation.

9) Each student should carry its identity card and school diary.

10) Students who come to school escorted will not leave the school without an escort or a guardian.

11) Students once enter the school campus will not be permitted to leave under any circumstances other than the Principalís permission.

12) Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school, if found so it will be confiscated and not returned.

13) Students are not allowed to wear jewellery to school or any other accessories besides small earrings only.

14) Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The complete uniform should be worn on all working days and a Saturday uniform only for

15) All boys to keep their hair short and all girls must tie/ braid their hair neatly with a red band.

16) Students using school bus will maintain discipline in the bus.

17) Students are advised to keep their classrooms, school buildings and campus clean as possible. And throw leftovers in the dustbins in order to maintain a clean and green environment.

18) Students should not join other students in violent and destructive activities or they will be subjected to rustication or expulsion.

19) Students using unfair means during exams will face disciplinary action as decided by the school authorities.

20) The class teacher of every class will maintain the percentage of attendance of more than 75% for each and every student which will be calculated at the end of the semester.

21) Lending and borrowing of books, papers, magazines and articles (other than the school text books and library books) is not allowed.

22) Students are expected to respect the school property. No student should damage the school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Any school property damaged even unknowingly should be reported to the class teacher or to the chairman or Principal.

23) Parentís must provide complete medical history of the child prior to admission, lack of which the school authorities should not be held responsible.

24) No students shall indulge in any of the following practices, namely:
a. Any form of gambling.
b. Smoking, Chewing of tobacco etc.
c. Spitting in and near the school property.
d. Use of drugs or intoxicants, except on prescription by a registered medical practitioner.
e. Rowdyism and rude behavior.
f. Use of violence in any form.
g. Casteism, Communalism and Untouchability in any form.
h. Bringing electronic devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras etc to school without the permission of the class teachers will be confiscated if found so and will not be returned.