Spine Dale Public School

Spine Dale Public School


Administration, Withdrawal and Fee Structure

Applications for admission are accepted in April/May. After the admission form has been duly filled and the advance tuition fee for the first month and admission fees are paid, the formal admission procedure will be carried forward. Medical certificates with fitness and vaccinations by a registered medical practitioner should be provided during the time of submission of admission form. An amount of Rs 500/- must be paid by each student for the admission form and prospectus when applying for admission to the school. Applications for admission and all correspondence should be sent in the school address (Given in the website). The school management expects the parents/ guardians to help and encourage their wards at home to reach the proper standard of education besides the teaching in the school. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without giving any reasons. Enrolment in the school implies, on the part of the student and parent’s willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school. Parents are earnestly requested to co-operate with the work of the school by enforcing discipline and regularities and by tasking a general interest in the child’s progress. No student suffering from any infectious/ contagious disease can be admitted into the school. There are limited seats in the school for every class, so “FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE”.

During the time of the formal admission procedure of the child, Text books, exercise books and Uniform will be provided in the school.

The parents are requested to strictly follow the calendar of holidays allotted to them by the school authorities. In the event of withdrawal of the student from the school, all dues must be cleared in full before a transfer certificate is issued. The school management acting through the Principal will require the withdrawal of a student who fails two consecutive years in the same class. A student remaining absent for a week consecutively without any intimation to the school
authorities, will be struck off from the admission roll.

For information regarding the fee structure of the school, please download the school prospectus and form

PDPS Faculty

Pine dale public school boast of a strong team of faculty to cater to the quality of education we strive to provide to our students. A team of 7 PT's, 7 ST's is guided by our Chairman and our Principal. The school time to time assess its staff requirements & plug-in the gaps wherever required.

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Affiliation Number

Number Of Teachers

Non Teaching Staff


Pts - 7

Sts - 7

Chairman – 1

Principal - 1